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Vig Home Investments

A real estate investing company

Dynamic.RE is a technology created for homeowners and investors alike

We help owners of beautiful and unique homes maximize their return on investment. We also help investors identify and take advantage of a property’s highest and best use through various investment strategies.

  • Our humble beginnings of Vig Home Investments makes its present-day success all the more remarkable.


    After graduating from the University of Texas, Emily moved to Phoenix, AZ where she began a career in distance learning. After 11 years of organizational leadership, the development of online university curriculum, and teaching, Emily transitioned her skills to assist community members with their real estate needs.

    She turned to Masrur and shared her vision for real estate investing. Emily and Masrur then made the decision to embark on a co-partnership in real estate and have since integrated into a network of like-minded, real estate professionals.

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  • Our humble beginnings of Vig Home Investments makes its present-day success all the more remarkable.


    Masrur has lived in Phoenix, AZ for over 15 years, residing in California, Japan, and Bangladesh previously. With a degree in Management, and after the courses necessary to become a Licensed Realtor, the opportunity for Real Estate Investing became Masrur's primary focus.

    Masrur has been in the retail, sales, and customer service industry for over a decade. As a result of compiling the skill sets, attributes, and knowledge gained from experience through the years, Masrur will provide you with a seamless and profitable experience.

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Dynamic.RE by Vig Home Investments helps property owners generate income by leveraging the power of real estate

Our Core Values include:

  • Heart
    Provide World Class Customer Service
  • Pointer
    Use Technology to Solve Problems
  • Search
    Create Transparency for Owners and Investors
  • Thums up
    Operate with Integrity
  • Up
    Focus of Growth and Scalability
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